Wednesday, November 23, 2011


First and foremost, welcome and thank you for stopping to check out my blog!

Some of my fondest childhood memories were of spending time in the kitchen with my mom. I was always amazed by the fact that she could turn common household ingredients into something delicious with barely a recipe to follow.

Mom & Me
(Don't mind the lion.)

As an adult, my baking adventures began, as they probably do for most, with boxed cake mix and a tub of cookie dough. But somewhere along the way, I read this quote and it changed me.

"If you only do things you know you can do, you'll never do very much."

Challenge accepted.

Naturally, I consulted my mom and together we got to work in the kitchen. She's taught me so much, but the biggest lesson I've taken away is "Baking is science." It absolutely fascinates me how much chemistry actually finds it's way into the kitchen!

From there, we grew. Eventually my sister and my aunt got involved in learning more about baking and we started taking classes all together. We have a blast spending time together and making delicious treats for our family and friends.

My sister and I.

Aunt Lisa & me.

And now, I'd like to share our adventures (sometimes, misadventures) with all of you!! Happy Baking everyone!

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